Apr 192014

The last weeks I was busy running cables – coax, rotator and switching – from the old barn shack to the new one. Especially the 144MHz meter cables. I also took the amplifiers, power supplies for switching and the switching boxes from the top floor of the old barn shack downstairs where it is much cooler in the summer with and airco stand by.  I have e connected it all together tested it step by step. So most is running now and it was time to test it real time. Today I had 1444MHz  running and made a test qso with Jan PE9GG


Mar 292014

Today I connected a smal wire to my radio and for the first time radio signals are in the new shack.
Io%O was the first station I heared. Now I am working hard do get the coaxes in the new shack.


Mar 202014

The initial setup for the 144Mhz contest and EME table.

144Mhz contest and eme

144Mhz contest and eme

Mar 202014

Yesterday Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ helped me to bring the tables from the old to the new shack.
We discussed how to set up the 3 tables and the equipment on an ergonomic way. The HF table is the first te be set up with the equipment. This it how it looks for now. I have to find space for two more Green Heron rotor controllers. Now I have found the right set up I can wire all the equipment together.
I will do the same for the two other desks.

HF table

HF desk


Mar 172014

Today I started to dismatel the old shack. I have made picturers of the back side of the equipment. This will help to reconnect all the different boxes again to each other.
We will also document the new situation.